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Trevor's Story

"My family will celebrate the 30-year anniversary of our mom’s transplant with her in November."
November 19, 2021 will mark a huge milestone in my family. It will be 30 years since I gave my mom, Eunice Robinson, one of my kidneys. At the time, I was 29 years old and my mom was 53.

Here is my story...

For as far back as I can remember, my mom suffered from kidney disease. She was on dialysis so much that we never knew life without her being so sick and raising seven young children. At one point she became very ill and was in need of a transplant immediately.  Not wanting her to suffer anymore, family members who could be tested were and I was a perfect match. I was married with a young family and it was a decision I did not take lightly. Yet there was no other alternative – it was our mom’s life at stake. I had a very supportive wife and family behind me, and we did not know back then how it all would go for mom and me after such a long operation and recovery. However, once the kidney was placed in mom, it began to work immediately. As for me donating my kidney, my health has never been jeopardized. I am functioning well with one kidney and see my doctor yearly to check my blood’s creatinine levels. The only thing I can’t do is take anti-inflammatory medications. 

Mom is now 83 years old and resides in Millville, Cape Breton with my youngest sibling, Kim, and her husband. My sister is currently on a transplant list and in urgent need of a kidney as she has been suffering from kidney disease like mom since she was a child. Kim is on home dialysis daily until she receives a kidney transplant. 

My family will celebrate the 30-year anniversary of our mom’s transplant with her in November. I am writing this story to raise awareness that it is in you to be a living donor and give an organ to others in need. Please talk to your family physician or nephrologist about getting tested for a sibling or other family member, or anyone in need of a kidney right now. I never even imagined that my mom’s transplanted kidney would last 30 years because of what I did for her. I hope my story resonates with you because if it can help show even one person that living donations really do work then it was worth writing. Giving the gift of life to another person is life-alternating in a great way. Please know that it is in you to give.