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Living your best life with kidney disease

This free virtual educational forum was held over three days, starting Tuesday, March 9 and concluding on World Kidney Day, Thursday March 11 2021. The program was developed in partnership with people living with kidney disease and brought together patients, care partners, healthcare professionals and researchers all over Canada who shared information to help you live your best life with kidney disease.  

In many cases, the signs of kidney disease aren't noticed until the kidneys are close to failure. Every March, The Kidney Foundation promotes Kidney Health Month to help raise awareness about the warning signs and risk factors associated with kidney disease. If you or a loved one is impacted by kidney disease, this free forum is a great way to learn more about Living Your Best Life with Kidney Disease.

All sessions are available in the playlist below or can be viewed individually by clicking on the session title.


MARCH 9, 2021

Living Well with Kidney Disease

Self-Advocacy – Knowing When to Ask for Help

Complementary and Alternate Medication for Kidney Patients

Managing Fatigue with Kidney Disease

MARCH 10, 2021

Sex and the Kidney: Navigating Your Sexual Health with Kidney Disease 

When to start dialysis?

Movement, Wellness and Kidney Disease

Active Break: Exercise for Kidney Patients

Peer Support and Virtual Supports for People with Kidney Disease

Patient Empowerment

Cooking with Chef Kris Gaudet

MARCH 11, 2021

Fertility and Family Planning with Kidney Disease

Finding Humour in Difficult Topics and Finding your Funny Side: Laughter Wellness

Cannabis and the Kidney: What You Need To Know


The Kidney Foundation would like to thank our 2021 Patient Forum sponsors for making this event possible.