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KRESCENT (Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program) is a national partnership of the Kidney Foundation, the Canadian Society of Nephrology and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute for Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes. The program aims at enhancing kidney research capacity in Canada by supporting young researchers. It provides salary support to post-doctoral fellows, new investigators and allied health scholars, as well as career development, mentorship and training.  The KRESCENT program is unique in several ways: 
  • It recruits trainees from multiple disciplines who would be involved in developing a national curriculum; 
  • It supports career development at the post-doctoral level and in the period following the candidate's first faculty appointment, with corresponding mentorship and coaching; and 
  • It fosters the development of collaborative research and knowledge translation across research themes 
The KRESCENT program is a testimony to the leadership of the individuals, organizations and companies committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease throughout Canada. 

For more information visit the KRESCENT program’s website.