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Become a lived experience reviewer for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. 

Do you have lived experience in kidney disease?  Are you interested in becoming engaged in research? 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is looking for Lived-experience peer reviewers to join our KRESCENT and Allied Health review committees.  

What is peer review? 

Peer review is a key step in the evaluation of research projects to ensure that they represent feasible, ethical, and applicable projects.   Review committees made up of experts in the field come together to review and discuss project applicants and score applications to determine where funding will be allocated.  

To learn more about Lived-experience peer review, please visit our training module.


The KRESCENT program is a top-notch training and mentorship program helping to build and support the next generation of kidney researchers and provides salary support and unique team building opportunities to both post-PhD fellows, and new investigators in the first 3 years of their academic appointments. Both projects and candidates are evaluated.  Learn more here (Kidney Foundation - The Kidney Foundation of Canada)

What is the Allied Health competition

The Allied Health Kidney Scientific committee is responsible for evaluating scientific proposals submitted by members of the Allied health community (e.g. Pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, etc).  This competition encompasses research grants and fellowships for doctoral students.

How can you help? 

Those with lived experience bring to the table their own set of expertise, which can be crucial in determining project funding.  Is the project exciting for you?  Does it represent something meaningful to patients and the community? Does the project engage lived experience partners, and is it written in a way that resonates with you? Have your say! 


  • No prior experience is needed, and training will be provided.  
  • Lived experience is defined as those who have been affected by kidney disease (for example: Kidney patients or previous patients, family members, caregivers, living donors, etc).
  • Review process and applications will be in English.
  • Volunteers will be compensated for their time.  
  • Time commitment of approximately 4-5 hours of flexible work, with the option to attend the live review committee (attendance is optional) which takes place over one to two business days depending on the competition.
Timelines are dependent on KRESCENT and Allied Health competitions. 

In order to apply, please download and complete the application form below and return it to

Lived Experience Peer Review Application Form