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Kidney disease is with you for life. A journey with chronic kidney disease is not the same for everyone, but the shared experience binds those affected. Kidney disease is always there, demanding attention from every part of you. It’s relentless. It interrupts. It upsets. It harms.

Too few Canadians understand the seriousness of kidney disease and the lifelong journey that diagnosis brings. Its progression can be slowed or sometimes stopped, but it doesn’t go away. Dialysis steals time, the most precious of commodities. Even the best treatment option, a transplant, comes with its own challenges.

Kidney disease can try to take a lot away, but it cannot take away hope.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is with you for life, beside you on your journey with kidney disease. In creating our new public service announcement, many volunteers stepped up to join us on set so that our message can make an even bigger difference for others. You are not alone. There is a place for you to learn more, there is a program or service that can help, there is a community who will surround you with understanding and compassion. Be part of it.


“Neither kidney disease nor dialysis will ever rob me of how grateful I am for the life I live.”

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“I want people living with kidney disease – maybe that’s you or someone you love – to know that kidney disease is not all bad news. Life is not over.”

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“I’ve been taking the ups and downs of my situation with resilience and most importantly, one day at a time.”

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