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The Kidney Wellness Hub is an interactive online community to help support the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of all kidney patients, care partners, and living organ donors. It includes free resources and videos on staying fit, eating well, activities to boost your mental health, plus opportunities to get connected and stay social. The Kidney Wellness Hub is produced by our British Columbia and Yukon Branch and is currently available in English. Everyone is welcome!

Join the Kidney Wellness Hub Community!

Being a member of the Kidney Wellness Hub means you will receive our Kidney Wellness Hub e-news notifications of new classes, activities, and special contests. Plus, as a thank you for joining the Hub you will receive an Interactive PDF of our Kidney Wellness Hub Companion Journal to help support your wellness journey. It’s free - join today!

Start Wherever You Like

There are four main areas of the Kidney Wellness Hub for you to explore: click on each of these areas and you will find specific wellness-related video exercises, activities and information to support you on your road to optimum kidney wellness.
  • Staying Active may be a bit overwhelming but you are not alone. This section offers a variety of kidney-customized videos on yoga, meditation, strength training, cardio, dance and more. There are even chair classes for anyone with limited mobility. These videos are designed to meet you where you are on your kidney journey.
  • Eating Well and making good food choices, let alone kidney-friendly food choices, is not always easy. Sometimes we need a little help or inspiration in the kitchen. There is a fabulous online cookbook with kidney-friendly recipes, a menu planner, a dietitian blog and even live, online cooking classes you can join with your friends and family. 
  • Mental Wellbeing can help you deal with the challenges you face as a kidney patient. You’ll find resources like mindful meditation, sleeping well, and music therapy. You can even apply for FREE Kidney Wellness Coaching to help support you as you look forward in your life to set health and wellness goals that are intentional, achievable, and focused on what you truly want for yourself.
  • Socially Connecting may help reduce stress and lower your levels of anxiety or depression. We have many opportunities for kidney patients and their care partners to share lived experiences. You can talk one-to-one, join a group session, or connect directly through our private Facebook group to share kidney wellness tips or advice.
We also have a section for the Newly Diagnosed with specific information and resources, and an Education and Resources area with links to other wellness resources.