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National President

Kurtis Krug

National Immediate Past President: Sylvie Charbonneau
National Treasurer: Patrice Waché
National Secretary: Elaine Andrews
National Vice President: Vince Andrews
National Vice President: Annora Gilliam

National Directors

National Director, Atlantic Canada Branch: Cindy Pope
National Director, British Columbia & Yukon Branch: Glenn Powers
National Director, Manitoba Branch: Donn Pirie
National Director, Northern Alberta and The Territories Branch: Terry Tomkins
National Director, Ontario Branch: Norm Muirhead
National Director, Quebec Branch: Patrice Waché
National Director, Saskatchewan Branch: Leonard Blocka
National Director, Southern Alberta Branch: Mike Sheppard

National Director-at-Large: Dr. Marie-José Clermont
National Director-at-Large: Rahil Dattu
National Director-at-Large: Sofia Kamran
National Director-at-Large: Alex Kolodkin
National Director-at-Large: Gilles Levasseur
National Director-at-Large: Kendra McPherson
National Director-at-Large: Trionne Phillips

National Office

National Executive Director: Elizabeth Myles
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National Director, Marketing & Communications: Wendy Kudeba
National Director of Development: Linda Pellas
National Director of Finance: Carole Larouche
National Director of Human Resources: Teresa Havill
National Director, Programs & Public Policy: Carrie Thibodeau
National Director of Research: Leanne Stalker, Ph.D.