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Living Donor Circle of Excellence Partnership with AST

The Living Donor Circle of Excellence program recognizes companies that support the lost wages of a living donor.

Financial Implications
Donors give the gift of life, but incur costs. A major part of donor expenses include lost wages during recovery after surgery.

Donors save lives
There were 2,239 kidney and liver donations performed in Canada in 2018. 555 were from living donors.

Change policies
Companies may not have a donor to support for years. There are only 15 living donors per 1 million population in Canada.

Low cost commitment
Assuming a median salary of $60,000 per year, 80% support for four weeks of coverage is only $4,000.

Company Benefits
  • Official printed certificate of membership suitable for framing
  • Recognition on Circle of Excellence website
  • Recognition on AST and Power2Save social media platforms
  • Promotion as a Circle of Excellence Member at all major transplant meetings, AST public events,  and dedicated recognition events
Living Donor Circle of Excellence
  • AG Care
  • Aquatic Informatics
  • Astellas
  • BC Government
  • BC Maritime Employers Association
  • Beedie
  • Chinook Therapeutics Inc
  • Fibreco Export Inc.
  • Fraser Health Authority
  • GCT Global Container Terminals Inc
  • Gibraltar Holdings Ltd
  • MacDonald's Prescriptions Ltd
  • Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical
  • Pacific Coastal Airlines
  • Paladin Labs
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Simon Fraser University
  • The University of British Columbia
  • Thrive Health

Circle of Excellence Info Sheet