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Living Your Best Life with Kidney Disease

Our third free virtual educational forum is happening on March 8 and 9, 2023!

Developed in partnership with people diagnosed with kidney disease, care partners, healthcare professionals, and researchers all over Canada, this program aims to present you with trustworthy and up-to-date information to help you live your best life with kidney disease.  

While a valid email address is required to register for the forum, you can complete registration using a different name to protect your anonymity.

Please note that by registering and attending the 2023 Virtual Forum, the Kidney Foundation of Canada and our service provider, pheedloop Inc. (“pheedloop”), on our behalf, will collect, use and disclose (“Process”) your personal information solely for the purpose of facilitating and recording the virtual event in accordance with our Privacy Policy
pheedloop’s platform allows you complete a personalized profile (“Profile”) to enable you to connect with other attendees more easily. While during your registration you are only required to populate the compulsory fields (name and email), you may also populate the optional fields with any personal information entirely at your own risk. Please be advised that all attendees may access your Profile during the course of the virtual event and view its contents, except your email address.
The Kidney Foundation of Canada will be video recording the plenary and breakout sessions of the 2023 Virtual Forum. If you choose to participate in such sessions, by activating your camera or microphone, your likeness, voice and any other personal information you choose to communicate will be captured in such recordings.

Follow the link below to register and see the full schedule and speaker profiles:

Register for the Virtual Forum 2023

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The Kidney Foundation would like to thank our 2023 Patient Forum sponsors for making this event possible.