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This handbook will help you and your family understand the treatment options (dialysis, transplant and non-dialysis supportive care), the importance of advance care planning, gives advice for dealing with practical matters such as work, money and insurance as well as tips for living well with kidney failure.

The information and suggestions in this book are general – you should always seek the advice of health care professionals for an assessment and treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

The handbook is provided free of charge by the Foundation to all newly-diagnosed kidney patients across the country and is typically distributed to patients through health care professionals working in renal units.  It is also available at your local Kidney Foundation branch office. Previous versions of the handbook are available in other languages (Chinese, Punjabi) on request.

Click here to download a PDF file formatted for accessibility.

Click here to download the audio files for this handbook.
* Note that you do not need to install Dropbox to download this file.

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