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Advocacy and government relations priorities vary in every province and territory. Even at a local level, there may be some important issues that have serious consequences for people with kidney disease. Hot button issues can include reducing transportation costs to dialysis treatments, improvements in organ donation and transplantation rates, and access to medication and other treatments, to name just a few.

Principles of Care

In fulfilling our advocacy mission, we recognized that an important first step was the development of fundamental principles of care. Our Principles of Care for Chronic Kidney Disease provide the basic orientation for our advocacy efforts on behalf of people living with kidney disease and help to ensure consistent, high quality care for kidney patients across Canada:
  • All individuals who can derive net benefit from and want treatment for kidney disease should have equitable access to medically-appropriate, cost-effective treatment regardless of background and personal circumstance.
  • All individuals with kidney disease should have access to a comprehensive continuum of care, ethical treatment and support services aimed at optimizing patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • All individuals should have ongoing access to an appropriately qualified interdisciplinary health care team.
  • All individuals with kidney disease and their caregivers should be provided with information about all treatment options so that they are able to participate fully in decisions about their care and make informed choices.
  • All individuals with kidney disease have the right to refuse or discontinue treatment, and to be supported in their decision.
  • No individual with kidney disease should be denied access to medically-necessary drugs or adequate nutrition because of their inability to pay.
To learn more about local advocacy initiatives and how you can contribute to bringing about positive changes for kidney patients in your area, please contact us.