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Let’s Keep Making History

When a group of dedicated volunteers first founded The Kidney Foundation of Canada in 1964, people experiencing kidney failure had little hope of survival. In our 60 years of developing research opportunities, programs, services, and awareness campaigns, we have helped to change the course of kidney disease, thanks to our generous supporters.

With your support, there are vastly improved treatment options, discoveries about early detection, improved educational resources and achievements in advocacy.

Throughout the year, as we look back on our humble beginnings, we will share our vision for the future. Steadfast is our commitment to everyone impacted by kidney disease. You are our inspiration as we strive to do more.

Life-Changing History

We’ve accomplished so much together. Our milestone moments are captured in the snapshot below look at research, programs, awareness, advocacy and kidney community achievements.

With your help, The Kidney Foundation was able to deliver on these milestones. We need your commitment to help us do more. Join us in making history! 


Shaping a Future Free from Kidney Disease

In the past six decades, hope has grown with every advancement of kidney disease research and support. Together, researchers, doctors, volunteers, and donors have been a vital force supporting those living with kidney disease.