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Everyone’s case is unique, but you are not alone. Many people can still find themselves overwhelmed when they are first diagnosed. For some individuals, it can be difficult to find answers to all the questions and issues they are facing. We are here to help navigate what living with kidney disease means for you.  We can provide you with information, refer you to relevant educational resources, clinics, or services, and offer emotional and financial support. 

Check out the Programs & Services, Peer Support, and Resources that are offered in your region. You can also call us directly to talk.

Questions you didn’t know you wanted answered.

You just received a lot of information and it can all be overwhelming. Here’s a few answers to common questions:

  • I have reduced kidney function, what does that mean?
    The Kidney Foundation has educational resources for you to help learn more about the different types and stages of kidney disease.  

  • What can I eat?
    First, ask your doctor if you have to make any diet changes, and ask them to connect you with a renal dietitian. You can also visit the Kidney Community Kitchen for more tips.

  • Who can I talk to?
    Looking for someone who understands what it is like to live with Kidney disease, connect to other patients through Peer Support

  • How can you help me?
    We have many programs and services that can help you as you navigate your new diagnosis.