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Mar 1, 2021

Kidney Foundation Virtual Forum a Highlight of Kidney Health Month

People impacted by kidney disease are coming together virtually during Kidney Health Month to explore topics aimed at creating an environment that encourages Living Your Best Life with Kidney Disease, as its title reflects.

The number of people diagnosed with kidney disease continues to rise, with one in ten Canadians impacted, which is more than 4 million people in Canada. The Kidney Foundation is committed to providing the educational resources, learning tools and community connections that can help ease the burden of living with this chronic illness.

“Our first virtual patient forum has been planned by people living with kidney disease for people who share this lived experience,” said Sylvie Charbonneau, volunteer National President of The Kidney Foundation. “Our volunteers have chosen unique and engaging topics, including information about such things as family planning, self-advocacy and cannabis and kidney health. The forum agenda is rounded out with active living breaks and sessions on how to cope by using humour.”

The three-day forum, Living Your Best Life with Kidney Disease, begins on March 9 and wraps up on World Kidney Day, March 11, which this year marks Living Well with Kidney Disease as its theme. Anyone interested in participating is invited to register in advance at

“The Kidney Foundation is committed to providing the tools, resources and supports needed for those impacted by kidney disease to thrive, especially during these difficult times,” said Elizabeth Myles, Kidney Foundation National Executive Director. “People with kidney failure and those with kidney transplants are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, we are able to expand our online services like this forum, our ongoing webinar series, and our virtual peer support offering and meet an unprecedented volume of requests for emergency financial assistance.”

Kidneys are vital, life-sustaining organs and Canadians should know as much as possible about their kidney health. Kidney disease is linked to other conditions, including diabetes. More than 45% of people with kidney disease are under the age of 65. Get the facts about Why Kidney Disease Should Matter to You

“Another way Canadians can understand this vital organ and its importance to overall health is by using our risk awareness tool,” said Ms. Myles. “By answering a few questions about lifestyle, health and related factors using our interactive tool, people get information that may help them learn about potential risk factors and encourage kidney health discussions with their healthcare providers.”

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