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Jan 22, 2021

Dialysis Patients Need Urgent Access to Vaccine

COVID-19 has significantly added to the challenges faced by dialysis patients. In light of these, The Kidney Foundation is calling on the federal government to consider the urgent need for dialysis patients to be immunized quickly as phases of eligibility are applied to those beyond front-line workers. 

The Kidney Foundation is also delivering similar advocacy messaging at the provincial and territorial government levels. Some regions have started reporting that vaccinations for dialysis patients are underway. 

“As the various health authorities throughout the country assess the most vulnerable segments of the population that should be prioritized in the vaccine roll-out, people with kidney failure mustn't be overlooked,” states Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director of The Kidney Foundation. “We are calling on federal and provincial governments to prioritize people on dialysis for COVID-19 vaccination.”

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Vaccine information webinars 

In partnership with the Canadian Society of Nephrology, a webinar entitled COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Dialysis Patients that will focus on the situation for those undergoing dialysis will soon be announced.  Details will also soon be available about a COVID-19 vaccine webinar specifically for transplant patients.  Watch our webinar page for registration information: 

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