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Nash’s Story

Stay Strong and Keep Positive

For most 11-year-old boys, the Three Rs stand for “Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmetic.”  For Williams Lake kidney patient Nash, they stand for Remission, Relapse, and Return to hospital.

When he was 2 ½ years old, Nash was diagnosed with an incurable disease called nephrotic syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the kidneys, stopping the kidneys’ filtering system (the glomeruli) from returning blood protein (albumin) to the body. Instead, the much-needed protein is urinated out, leaving the body prone to massive swelling from water retention. In his short life, Nash has been on a roller coaster ride of tests, drug treatments relapses and remissions as doctors work to keep his kidneys functioning. 

Often kids who get nephrotic syndrome outgrow it by the teen years.  Unfortunately, Nash’s recent kidney biopsy results show that he does not have the type of nephrotic syndrome that children can outgrow. He will battle nephrotic syndrome (FSGS) into his adult life – or until either a cure or an effective ongoing treatment is found.

Unique to Nash is his upbeat and caring approach to life. He says his motto is “stay strong and keep positive,” a philosophy that his mom, Fallon, says he seems to have been born with. 

“He was a happy baby right from the beginning and he amazes us everyday that he continues to be so positive and happy through all the continual disappointments he faces living with this disease,” Fallon says. 

Nash is fortunate to have parents who are supportive and practical. His mom says that even though Nash’s condition is devastating to the whole family, it’s better to be open and let everybody be part of his journey so they know what’s happening and can be more understanding. To this end, Fallon created and posted a very poignant and informative video on Facebook that describes Nash’s journey so far.

 “When we realized that there was no cure for nephrotic syndrome and that treatments that will work were getting few and far between we felt like doing something constructive – something that would channel our energy into something more positive.

And do something they did. They formed “Team Nash” and launched an awareness and fundraising campaign that, with help from friends and the community, has consistently been a top fundraiser for the Kidney Walk. His family is hopeful that researchers will continue to discover new treatments that will keep Nash’s disease under control or provide a cure.

Nash, his parents and two sisters started by holding car washes at Toyota dealership where Nash’s dad, Gerald, is the general manager. The tremendous support they received from those events sparked many more fundraising activities in Williams Lake and, in some cases, around the province. They have hosted BBQs, Car shows, a Blooming on Canvas painting party fundraiser, held bottle drives, and more car washes. The founder of Pioneer Log Homes of BC jumped in by raffling a log bench during the Vancouver International Auto Show and raised $5,000 for Team Nash. Team Nash is always a leading participant in the annual Kidney Walk in William’s Lake.

Nash is also a member of The Kidney Kids Crew, a group of about 15 kids with kidney disease who spread awareness and show people that kidney disease can also affect children. They come from all over the province and get together a few times a year to perform and speak at Kidney Foundation events.

And in his spare time? Nash plays left wing on his local hockey team, loves to motorbike and snowmobile and says his favourite subjects are art and PE.

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