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Sep 12, 2022

Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radiothon on-air September 15

The Kidney Foundation’s Chinese Renal Association will be live and on air on Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radio AM 1540 on Thursday, September 15th for a live radiothon. The one-day event invites listeners to hear unique stories from kidney patients, physicians, allied health professionals and volunteers and will help educate listeners about kidney health while raising funds to support crucial programs and services like short term financial assistance.

“Building on the success of last year’s radiothon, we are excited to be back working with the team at Sing Tao A1 Radio said Alan Hui, Chair of The Chinese Renal Association. This radiothon is an important opportunity to share kidney health information with our Chinese community and support the Foundation’s programs and services including the short-term financial assistance program,” added Hui.

Kidney disease can often develop slowly, with little to no symptoms. There are a number of risk factors for kidney disease, some that can be controlled such as smoking, and others that you cannot. People with diabetes and high blood pressure or who have a family history of kidney disease are at increased risk. In addition, people of certain ethnicities, including Asian descent, are also at a higher risk.

The donations generated from the radiothon will provide support to expand our library of resources to ensure that reliable, trust-worthy information is accessible to help families navigate their kidney journey. In addition, we are raising funds for the Short-Term Financial Assistance program to help reduce the financial burden of kidney disease and provide support when it is needed most.

We would like to express our thanks to the many sponsors and donors who have already committed their support to this event. Thank you to Amgen, Canada Ginger Candies, Scarborough Nephrology Associates, iTalkBB, Ontario Print Factory, Greenfield Golf and the East Asian Internal Support Network – Toronto Police Service for their support. Check out the full program and make a gift at


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