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Oct 11, 2019

Record-breaking year for the Ontario Kidney Walks

The kidney community came out in record numbers and raised a record-breaking $960,000 to invest in high-caliber research and crucial support programs.

“We are truly overwhelmed by the amazing support of our kidney walkers and their many donors” said Craig Kerr, President of the Kidney Foundation’s Ontario Branch. “It is truly inspiring to see so many families, friends and partners in renal care come out and show such tremendous support for their loved ones living with kidney disease,” he added.

The walks represent The Kidney Foundation’s largest community fundraising initiative and took place in 35 communities across the province throughout September. Nationally, the walk program has raised over $2 million this year.

The walks would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers, many who take on a leadership role organizing the walks; arranging all the details from start to finish. Thank you to national partner Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc., national supporter Horizon and provincial media sponsor YESTV, and the many local and regional sponsors who supported the event through sponsorships and gifts in kind.
You can find photographs from your Kidney Walk on our Flickr and Facebook.

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