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Apr 8, 2019

Celebrating our Volunteers – National Volunteer Week 2019

Volunteer Week 2019

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week – yes, this means we are celebrating YOU!
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is fortunate to have volunteers who go above and beyond to lift our communities and raise kidney health awareness.  Your ongoing support, ideas, enthusiasm and advocacy, assists us in achieving our goals and to make strides in the kidney community.

Meet Asaph and Wendy, volunteers who truly lift our community.

Volunteering with The Kidney Foundation is something that means a great deal to me. Living with lupus and kidney disease has had a huge impact on my life. Being a patient volunteer and giving first-hand knowledge is something that I never had, and I am fortunate to be giving that to others who may need it. -Wendy, African Caribbean Kidney Association (ACKA)         

Volunteering with The Kidney Foundation is important to me because knowledge and awareness are the first steps in solving any problem. I am proud to support a cause that saves lives and touches the lives of the families who are struggling with this disease. -Asaph, Windsor and District Chapter

Volunteers are the roots of The Kidney Foundation. With support from members of the kidney community across Ontario, The Foundation is able to offer patient-services, educational materials, kidney health clinics, and host events that bring people together and fund research for the future of kidney care. If you would like to volunteer with The Kidney Foundation, check out the latest volunteer opportunities today.

Thank you, to our diverse community of volunteers across the province. The value of your time and efforts as a volunteer is undeniable.

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