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Jan 7, 2020

Introducing Our New Website and Brand

Today, you may notice that The Kidney Foundation looks a little different. 

We are launching into 2020 with a redesigned and refreshed website to serve you better. It also showcases our new logo and brand.

Months of consultation and research went into these new elements. We gathered the input of stakeholders from across Canada through conversations with patients and their families, donors, volunteers, professional and allied health care partners, and we spoke to people who had not engaged with the Foundation before. 
This marks a new age in kidney awareness. Canadians need to stand up and take notice of their kidney health, and to understand the serious life-changing impacts of kidney disease. 

Our fresh new look reflects our ongoing commitment to be an innovative, dynamic force in improving the lives of those affected by kidney disease.

Excellent kidney health, optimal quality of life, and a cure for kidney disease: this vision guides us to be a collaborative, inventive and focused leader in the development of programs, services, research opportunities and awareness campaigns that have had a positive impact on the millions of Canadians living with, or at risk of developing, kidney disease.  

Discover the impact Kidney Foundation volunteers and employees have made over the past 55-year history of our organization by browsing our new site. We have led research investments into better treatments options, our programs and services provide hope and help patients thrive. Amplifying patient voices has influenced organ donation systems and best practices.

Together, with your support, we can continue to make vast improvements in the lives of those affected by kidney disease and educate those at risk. 

We invite you to join us in Kidney Foundation activities and advocacy efforts in your community. Help us to inspire Canadians to take action by learning more about the vital role kidneys have in their overall health.

Our look may have changed, but our commitment to kidney care hasn’t. 
Greg Robbins        Elizabeth Myles
President               National Executive Director

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