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Aug 8, 2022

Renewed support for Can-SOLVE CKD

Kidney care in Canada took a big leap forward in 2016 with the implementation of Can-SOLVE CKD, a patient-oriented research initiative that The Kidney Foundation of Canada got behind as a partner from the early stages by supporting its application and committing to providing funding and in-kind support.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) recently announced a Phase 2 funding opportunity for Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Chronic Disease Networks in Canada. Continuation of this work will focus on knowledge mobilization and implementation science.

“The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a proud partner of the Can-SOLVE CKD initiative,” said Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director. “Through its renewed commitment, the Foundation will continue to be an active partner to support the network in improving outcomes for those affected by kidney disease.”

Can-SOLVE CKD is a national partnership of patients, caregivers, health care providers, policy makers, health charities, patient organizations, nephrologists and allied health professionals working together to improve the quality of care for those impacted by kidney disease. As part of the SPOR initiative, the network involves patients throughout the research process and ensures that patient voices and priorities continue to be embedded in all facets of kidney research.   

“This next phase provides opportunity to translate research outputs into policy and practice that will benefit all Canadians living with or affected by kidney disease,” said Leanne Stalker, National Director of Research for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. "The focus of elevating lived experience voices and priorities in research aligns with the Foundation’s strategic goals.”

“The partnership with The Kidney Foundation has been a cornerstone of our success to date, and I look forward to extending and deepening our collaboration for the benefit of all Canadians living with kidney disease,” said Dr. Adeera Levin, Co-Principal Investigator of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network. “We recognize that The Kidney Foundation has tremendous reach across Canada’s kidney community and can play a crucial role in implementing Can-SOLVE CKD research programs and capacity building initiatives.”

Through the ongoing generosity of our donors offering support to this next phase of Can-SOLVE CKD, including Leslie and John Pearson and Family, and Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc., the Foundation will successfully support innovative research projects, the creation of novel training resources, and assist in implementing foundational patient engagement activities that are changing the culture of kidney research in Canada.

The Kidney Foundation is committed to continue our support for this initiative, through the second phase of funding as projects move from research to implementation. Our resources and connections will provide valuable implementation reach and sustainability support for Can-SOLVE CKD, and we are eager to assist the network in transforming results into practice.

Read the full announcement about this next stage of Can-SOLVE CKD here.

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