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Jun 29, 2020

Invitation to complete survey on effects of pandemic

We want to hear from you. We’re listening.

The Kidney Foundation wants to know how COVID-19 and the confinement restrictions have impacted people with kidney disease and their caregivers. Today, the Foundation has launched a survey to seek your detailed input.

We invite those affected by kidney disease or living with a transplant, and their caregivers, to complete the survey by July 17.

“We want to understand where the pressure points are, such as whether people had challenges accessing treatment and whether they had additional out-of-pocket costs associated with getting treatment,” said Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director. “We want to know how our programs and services can best be adapted to meet the needs.”

The Foundation is acutely aware of the additional risk and anxiety the pandemic has created for those  with kidney disease or a transplant. Hearing more voices will also help us to advocate for government supports or system changes to improve outcomes for those with kidney disease.

Demand for Kidney Foundation services such as short-term financial assistance and peer support have skyrocketed in some regions. Some Branches have reported up to a 500% increase in requests for transportation. There have been increases in requests for cost of living, groceries, medical equipment such as blood pressure machines, and transportation.  Peer Support groups have become virtual with more people joining the new online groups.   

Throughout the pandemic, The Kidney Foundation has participated in several calls to action alongside Health Charities Coalition of Canada, including a call for increased stabilization funding for medical research portfolios, and supports to ensure that the programs and services provided by non-profits do not fall by the wayside should donor support be inadequate to meet growing needs.

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