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Feb 17, 2020

Canadians Need To Know More About Their Kidneys

The Kidney Foundation launches awareness campaign

One in ten Canadians – 4 million - are affected by kidney disease. In recent years, the rate of people living with end-stage kidney disease has increased significantly, rising 35% in the past decade.1 

These alarming facts require action. The Kidney Foundation is taking action to have kidneys recognized as the vital, life-sustaining organs they are, by launching an important campaign to promote broader awareness of kidney health. The campaign challenges Canadians’ knowledge of kidneys by asking them if they understand why kidneys are vital and encourages them to get the facts.

“Now is the time to bring kidney disease out of the shadows and get Canadians talking about just how vital kidneys are to health,” said Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director of The Kidney Foundation. “We know that if people are aware of the risk factors it is far easier to stop or slow kidney disease, avoiding the need for a transplant or dialysis. People need to know the necessary steps to maintain their kidney health.”

Kidney disease is linked to diabetes and other common diseases. The leading causes of kidney failure are diabetes (38%) and renal vascular disease (12%); and 46% of people with kidney disease are under the age of 65. A person can lose more than 50% of their kidney function before symptoms appear. Symptoms are silent in the early stages.

The Kidney Foundation unveiled its new brand in January 2020 with the launch of a new website. It sets the stage for the campaign that aims to inspire Canadians to arm themselves with the correct information about why they need to keep their kidneys healthy. 

Find out more about kidney health and risk factors for kidney disease at


1. Organ replacement in Canada: CORR annual statistics, 2019, (excludes Quebec)

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