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What is Giving Tuesday? 

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide generosity movement that takes place annually during the last Tuesday of November. Organizations, institutions, and communities come together to encourage people to do good by giving back to others in whichever way they can. 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada engages in Giving Tuesday to raise awareness of kidney-health related causes and raise funds to support our initiatives. 


2022 Giving Tuesday 

Kidney cancer rates are rising worldwide but supporting innovative research can mitigate the threats for at-risk individuals. 

This Giving Tuesday, The Kidney Foundation of Canada is focusing its campaign to support kidney cancer research and improve the outcomes for affected individuals.  

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) is the most common form of kidney cancer, accounting for about 80% of all cases. Its treatment involves the surgical removal of the kidney or the tumor, but despite these aggressive measures, a third of patients develop relapse or metastasis.  

When it comes to the kidneys, their proper functioning is vital for key biological processes like blood pressure regulation and blood filtering. Serious kidney conditions—such as kidney cancer—can therefore present devastating symptoms, but these can be prevented thanks to research that promotes earlier detection and treatment. 

Here’s how you can help today

Together, we can make a significant impact, so we ask you to join our efforts in any way that you can. Here are a few things that you can do to contribute:  #KidneyResearchSaves countless lives.