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Help improve the organ donation and transplantation system in Canada

Take each day as a lesson; in courage, in believing and in living.
- Randy S., kidney transplant recipient

Navigating the health care system can be challenging and confusing when you're feeling well. For people on a transplant journey, it can be even more difficult. That's why we're asking everyone in the transplant community to come together and share their lived experience to help improve the system for all Canadians.

Join over 500 kidney, liver, heart, lung, or other organ transplant patients, caregivers, and living donors who have filled out our online survey. It should only take about 15 minutes, and your feedback will help us develop recommendations for improving the transplant journey for everyone.

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If you prefer to respond to the survey over the phone, please call 1-833-440-1909 and our research team will get back to you.

Sandra H. liver recipientSANDRA H., liver recipient, February 1997

My transplant journey began in April 1992. After several years of not feeling well, a new doctor ran every blood test that she thought might lead to a diagnosis. Those results came back showing high liver numbers and I was referred to the Toronto General Hospital Liver Disease Clinic....

Read Sandra's story (.pdf)

An invitation from Kadeem M., a lung transplant recipient:

If you're trying to navigate the transplant system in Canada and you need information, email our research team for personalized help.
  • About the Project
    This survey is part of a project by the Patient/Advocate Advisory Committee (PAAC) of the Organ Donation and Transplant Collaborative (ODTC). Coordination and support for the committee and the project is being led by The Kidney Foundation of Canada.
  • About the Patient/Advocate Advisory Committee (PAAC)
    The Patient/Advocate Advisory Committee is made up of a dedicated group of patients and caregivers who want to help make sure the organ donation and transplantation system meets the needs of the people who depend on it most. The PAAC seeks to support patient and advocate voices, provide representation and improve patients’ experiences as they navigate the organ donation and transplantation system in Canada.
  • About the Organ Donation and Transplantation Collaborative (ODTC)
    Since 2018, Health Canada has been leading an initiative called the Organ Donation and Transplantation Collaborative (The Collaborative) with provinces and territories (except Québec), Canadian Blood Services (CBS), patients, families, clinical and administrative stakeholders and researchers. Working together, we will continue to improve our system and ensure that Canadians have timely and effective access to quality donation and transplantation services.  The Collaborative’s goal is to achieve organ donation improvements that result in better patient outcomes and an increase in the number and quality of successful transplantations.

    This project is funded by Health Canada as part of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Collaborative (The Collaborative). For more info, click here. 

Sponsors and Supporters

In addition to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the following organizations are sponsors and supporters of the project.