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Strategic partnership allows the Foundation to contribute to the funding and development of larger, more intricate projects and networks which may fall outside the scope of our standard funding opportunities.  These partnership opportunities help to leverage donor support, often increasing each donated dollar exponentially, to create a possibility of lasting impact. 

Strategic partnership opportunities continue to represent an important priority for Foundational investment.   

For information on partnership grant opportunities, please see below. 

The following opportunities are currently available:
  • CDTRP Research Innovation Grants - NOW OPEN!
  • PARTNERSHIP GRANT (CIHR): Team Grants: Embracing Diversity to Achieve Precision and Increase Health Equity - NOW OPEN!
  • CDTRP Research Innovation Grants
    The Kidney Foundation of Canada is pleased to partner with The Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program to support 2 innovation grants related to Kidney Donation and/or transplantation.
    The primary objective of the CDTRP Research Innovation Grant competition is to support new peer-reviewed pilot research projects that align with CDTRP’s mission, which is to drive advances in Canadian donation and transplantation research and mobilize knowledge so that every wish to donate is fulfilled and transplantation is transformed from a treatment to a lasting and sustainable cure. 

    These projects must be new stand-alone studies that align with one of the 5 Themes of the CDTRP and should be used to generate preliminary data to support further investigation.
    The five CDTRP Themes are: 
    1. Improve a culture of donation 
    2. Inform universal practices for donation 
    3. Engineer and allocate a better graft 
    4. Tailor an optimal immune system for each patient 
    5. Restore long-term health 

    Grant recipients are expected to integrate their proposed study within the CDTRP research structure. The total value of the competition is $270,000, enough to support 9 grants of $30,000 CAD each (pending availability of partner funding).

    Competition Launch: January 16, 2024 
    Application Deadline: March 26, 2024 
    Notification Date: End-June 2024 
    Funding Start Date: July 2024 (upon confirmation of REB approval) 
    Study update submitted to CDTRP: Within 18 months of Funding Start Date

    For more information please see: CDTRP Research Innovation Grant Competition – Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program.
  • CIHR Team Grants: Embracing Diversity to Achieve Precision and Increase Health Equity
    The Kidney Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce our partnership in this innovative initiative from The Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Team Grants: Embracing Diversity to Achieve Precision and Increase Health Equity.
    The Kidney Foundation of Canada is dedicated to improving kidney health for all Canadians, and supporting groundbreaking research which embraces the diversity of the Canadian population is key to increasing health equity and inclusion for all.
    To see details of the announcement please visit:
  • Alport Syndrome Research Funding Program

    Alport Syndrome Research Funding Program - CLOSED

    Offered in conjunction with the Pedersen Family and the Alport Syndrome Foundation Inc. (ASF), the principal goal of this funding program is the development of novel treatments to prevent kidney failure and hearing loss in patients with Alport Syndrome.

    Letters of intent will be evaluated by an independent peer review process. They should be no longer than 2 pages in length and must be in accordance with the instructions detailed in the ASF & Partners Alport Syndrome Research Funding Program. Authors found to have the best merit for funding will be invited to submit a full proposal application 10–15 pages in length for further independent peer review. Final grant recipients will be selected from this pool. There are no geographical limitations for this funding.

    Letter of Intent Guidelines and Requirements