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Established in honour of the late David Ornstein, one of the founding members of the Kidney Foundation, this award is presented to a volunteer for outstanding service at the Branch level. Specifically, the recipient of this award must be an individual volunteer who merits special recognition for significant achievements, growth & development and/or public awareness of the Kidney Foundation in a Branch. Up to three awards may be presented each year.

Nomination Process

  1. A nomination can be made by a volunteer or a staff member. We encourage re-submission of unsuccessful nominations from previous competitions.
  2. All nominations should be submitted via email (or typewritten if submitted via another medium).
  3. The nominator must complete and sign the first page of the nomination form. More than one nomination can be submitted per award.
  4. Along with a nomination, the nominator must provide information to support the nomination of the individual for the award.
Please note that we are no longer accepting nominations for the 2022 awards.
Make sure to visit this page in December to submit nominations for 2023!


List of all National Recognition Award recipients