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Created in 1979 to honour Lawrence D. Bresinger’s outstanding service and dedication to the Mission and goals of the Kidney Foundation, this award is presented in his name to a staff member whose outstanding effort and performance over a number of years has had an impact which has affected the Foundation on a national basis and has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Foundation as a whole.

Lawrence D. Bresinger (1934 –1993) was a Founding Member and the first National Executive Director of the Kidney Foundation. During his 11 years as National Executive Director (1967-1978), the Foundation grew from a small group of individuals to an important Canadian volunteer health charity. His accomplishments at the Foundation were outstanding. In partnership with the volunteer leadership, he contributed to a rapid growth in the Foundation’s membership. Under his leadership, the Foundation saw an increase in public contributions from $3,000 to well over $1 million. This in turn established the Foundation as a vital contributor to the development of renal research in Canada. Lawrence Bresinger truly was instrumental in establishing a national movement of people dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease.

Nomination Process

  1. A nomination can be made by a volunteer or a staff member. We encourage re-submission of unsuccessful nominations from previous competitions.
  2. All nominations should be submitted via email (or typewritten if submitted via another medium).
  3. The nominator must complete and sign the first page of the nomination form. More than one nomination can be submitted per award.
  4. Along with a nomination, the nominator must provide information to support the nomination of the individual for the award.
Please note that we are no longer accepting nominations for the 2022 awards.
Make sure to visit this page in December to submit nominations for 2023!

List of all National Recognition Award recipients