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Bursaries provide support to pursue post-secondary education 

The Kidney Foundation’s Eastern Ontario Chapter has established three bursaries to provide financial assistance for individuals living with kidney disease and their families, who wish to attend college or university within their chapter area.  

Application criteria

  • Applicants must be either a kidney patient or their immediate family member, or a transplant patient 
  • Individuals must reside within the chapter’s Eastern Ontario catchment area 
  • Applicants must be pursuing full-time or part-time studies in a post-secondary program at an accredited institution 
  • A bursary will not be awarded to any applicant where the applicant or a family member has an unpaid loan outstanding from The Kidney Foundation.  
  • Application deadline is July 31.  Decisions will be made by mid-August. 
Download application form
For more information please contact us.

Privacy Statement

The Kidney Foundation uses personal information to record information from students that is needed to process applications and award bursaries. We do not release information to other fundraising organizations or to commercial enterprises. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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