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Living organ donation is an act of altruism that reduces the wait time for patients in need of a life-saving kidney or liver.

The BC & Yukon Branch administers a program for potential living donors that will reimburse eligible expenses related to organ donation. This program is called LODERP and stands for Living Organ Donor Expense Reimbursement Program.

We believe that donating an organ should not be a financial burden to the donor. Consequently, the LODERP program may reimburse for expenses, including travel, accommodations, parking, meals and, for Canadians, loss of income, related to your assessment and donation of an organ (kidney or liver). There are criteria and reimbursement limits for each category of expense, please refer to the FAQs.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for reimbursement, the recipient of the kidney or portion of liver must be a resident of British Columbia or the Yukon; the donor may live anywhere.

All potential living donors will be provided with the LODERP information by their transplant social worker or coordinator during their assessment as living organ donors.

To learn more about LODERP, please read the FAQs:

LODERP Frequently Asked Questions

To request LODERP support, please complete the following:

If you have questions about LODERP or would like to speak to a living donor mentor, reach out to or call 604-558-6879.

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