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The kidneys are extraordinary organs.  The kidneys do their work silently and it is only when about 70% of the kidney function is lost that people have any symptoms.
There are many people in Canada who have chronic kidney disease (CKD).  However, most of them don’t know it so they aren’t able to take steps to protect their remaining kidney function.  If you have reduced kidney function and are in the early stages of CKD, this webinar should be helpful for you and your family.
By using the information in this webinar and working with your healthcare team, you will learn how to manage your kidney disease.  The webinar will have information about your kidneys and how they work, the stages of CKD, and steps that can help you to protect your remaining kidney function and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thursday September 24th, 2020 - 12:00 – 1:30 Eastern Time

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Dr. Joanne Kappel


Dr. Joanne Kappel completed undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in Saskatoon. Nephrology fellowship was undertaken at the University of Toronto. She returned to Saskatoon in July 1989 to begin private practice Nephrology associated with the College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan. She is currently Clinical Professor of Medicine, Head Division of Nephrology for the College of Medicine, Provincial Medical Lead for Kidney Health and Medical Director of Chronic Kidney Disease Program, Saskatoon with the Health Saskatchewan Health Authority. She also holds the Chair of the National Programs and Public Policy Committee and is the Saskatchewan Branch Medical Advisor for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Dr Kappel is also the Co-chair of the Knowledge Translation Committee for the Can-SOLVE CKD Network.

Dr. Scott Klarenbach





The Kidney Foundation, would like to thank our sponsors for making the 2020 Kidney Foundation Webinar Series possible.

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