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Making sure you’ve correctly claimed all eligible deductions at tax time can be a confusing subject (even for tax experts!), and especially so for people who are on dialysis or have had a kidney transplant. Whether you work or not, there are various tax credits and deductions for which you may be eligible. The CRA may make changes to how these tax credits are claimed, and details can change slightly from year to year. Tanya Ace from Liberty Tax will share some general tax tips on what you can claim if you have an income, or if you don’t, and explain how the medical expense tax credit and the disability tax credit are applied.



Tanya Ace


Tanya is an entrepreneur and mother to 2 children and 2 step children. She has been working in the tax and accounting field for more than 20 years and 4 years ago opened up her first franchise location of Liberty Tax. Since then, she has expanded to operating 3 locations as well as a business management company.

She works with local groups to build community by working with underprivileged people to give them jobs and opportunities to learn new skills. Her charity efforts also expand to working with groups to provide financial support and tax help.

Tanya understands the importance of helping those who need it, as she didn't receive help while raising two sons until meeting her husband, Pat, and his two daughters. Even after that, her son fell ill with CKD, and she had to struggle to figure things out on her own. Now she works to provide those resources to help those who need it.

Sharron Morier


Sharron Morier is the Director of Education at Liberty Tax Service.  In this role, Sharron is able to educate, train and support franchisees and tax preparers at Liberty Tax offices across the country.

Prior to joining Liberty Tax, Sharron worked for 15 years in the tax preparation industry.  After a successful career helping taxpayers, Sharron now shares her depth of knowledge and experience to train the next generation.
Sharron has first-hand experience with Kidney disease, having lost her mother to kidney failure at a young age.  Her mother-in-law is a current dialysis patient. In Sharron’s tax preparation experience she has witnessed too many people miss out on medical credits, which is why she is co-hosting this webinar.


Watch the webinar on Youtube

The Kidney Foundation, would like to thank our sponsors for making the 2020 Kidney Foundation Webinar Series possible.

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