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Body Image & Self Esteem Part 2: Men’s Health will share perspectives from men with kidney disease. Our patient partners will discuss issues like stretch marks, hair and weight changes, dialysis access and dating with CKD (chronic kidney disease). This webinar will empower you to think about body image in a new light.



Jose Medeiros

Jose Medeiros has 33 years of social work experience with diverse, vulnerable, and at-risk adults and seniors with multiple social and health challenges.  The focus of his work has been on addressing issues of sexual orientation/sexual health, mental health, poverty, and acute and chronic disease management.  His experience ranges from clinical, front-line work to service coordination, management, research, community advocacy, and program evaluation/development in Canada and Portugal.  He has spent approximately 15 years of his career working in three renal programs in Ontario (London and Toronto).  Jose has been recognized by his peers as a strong advocate of patient self-determination.  He is committed to facilitating smooth transitions from one stage of care to another, while assisting individuals, couples, and families in maintaining the highest quality of life and independence possible in their journey of chronic kidney disease management and renal replacement therapy.  

Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan is 27yrs old and diagnosed with CKD at a very young age.  His mother donated her kidney to Ali and it was a perfect match in 2003. The kidney worked amazingly for 15yrs and failed in 2018. Ali started dialysis for the first time and had a tough time transitioning from transplant to dialysis. Once his body safely accepted dialysis, he did in-center hemo dialysis, going to the hospital 3x a week while balancing his studies and his personal life. In 2021, Ali received his second kidney transplant through the deceased donor list. He is currently working full time and working hard towards becoming a part of the Peel Regional Police Department. 

Dan Slater

Dan Slater is a Toronto based director, and co-founder of West Film. He is known for his feature films, White Night, Ashes, and The Family, as well as his work in the Toronto indie music scene (MONOWHALES, Birds of Bellwoods, Dahlia). He is a past recipient of the Irving Avrich Award for emerging filmmakers at the Toronto International Film Festival for his short film Fin and has received several awards for his feature films, including best international film, best screenplay, and best cinematography. Above all else Dan is an advocate for organ donation and the availability of equitable healthcare for all. While directing The Family, Dan was experiencing end stage kidney failure, receiving a Kidney transplant just two weeks after wrap. Since then he has teamed up with the Kidney Foundation of Canada to help build awareness. 

Harroop Singh Ahuja

Harroop Singh Ahuja is 23 and a Niagara Falls resident. Harroop was diagnosed with CKD as a child. In September 2020, Harroop went into kidney failure during his final year of university and did overnight peritoneal dialysis. In 2022, Harroop received a kidney from a live donor and just recently passed the one-year mark. Currently, Harroop is studying towards a master’s degree in Public Policy, Administration, and Law at York University and works with the Niagara Region in their Corporate Strategy department. 

Joe Gallagher 

Joe’s kidneys failed for the first time over 15 years ago when he was officially diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE). He las lived with varying stages of CKD and ESRD ever since. Joe has experience with in-centre hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, both APD and CAPD. Currently he is having his treatments at his hospital via nocturnal. He is bit of a couch surfer and travels a lot within southern Ontario for work and leisure; works part time as a self-employed technical consultant; is studying towards a degree in the life sciences; volunteers as a peer supporter and group facilitator with the Kidney Foundation; and is, of course, a full-time patient too!  

Loi Nguyen

Loi was diagnosed with PKD, poly-cystic kidney disease. He received his kidney transplant in 2022 from an altruistic donor through the Paired Exchange Program. Prior to surgery Loi did PD dialysis for 2+ years, during which time he was able to live an active lifestyle that included camping, hiking, canoeing and house care. 

The Kidney Foundation, would like to thank our sponsors for making the 2022 Kidney Foundation Webinar Series possible.