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The Living Donor Expense Reimbursement Program is a provincial program funded by Alberta Health. The program reimburses some out of pocket expenses and makes it possible to be a living donor, even when living far away from the recipient. The program is designed to remove financial barriers and increase the number of potential donors.

This program is intended for those donating a kidney or liver through a transplant program at a hospital. For more information on how to access this program please contact us.

What kind of expenses are reimbursed?

Many of the costs associated with becoming a living organ donor, but not all of them.  The program reimburses costs associated with the transplant surgery and the final round of testing that takes place days before the surgery. Post-transplant costs are not reimbursed.  

Some of the expenses covered by this program include travel, parking, accommodation, meals and loss of Income. For more details download the complete list of eligible expenses.

To discuss your case and what expenses you are eligible for please contact us.

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