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Sylvie’s Story

I want to fight for this cause as long as I’m alive — and now my fight will continue after I’m gone, too.
I never pictured myself lying on an operating table next to my son. Nevertheless, that is where I found myself a few years ago. Before then, I had enjoyed a charmed life. I had had a great childhood. At the age of 20, I married André, the love of my life, someone whom I boast could not be “a better, more supportive partner.” I even built my own successful business. 

Then, one weekend, my 27-year-old son, Benoit, came home for a visit. He sat my husband and me down in the living room, just like he’d done when he was younger and needed to have a serious chat. He informed us that he hadn’t been feeling well and had consulted a doctor. His tests revealed that his kidney function was down to 25%. He then announced that his kidney disease would eventually require dialysis or a transplant. 

My immediate thought was, ‘This isn’t happening’. From the outside, Benoit didn’t seem sick. To look at him, you just saw a healthy young man. You would have never known that inside he was dying. André and I immediately undertook the necessary tests to determine our compatibility to become living kidney donors. Remarkably, it turned out that we were both compatible matches.

However, my kidney function was slightly better. So began the lengthy process of additional testing in preparation for an eventual transplant. During that time, Benoit grew weaker and had a few health scares. Finally, one day in December, I gave one of my kidneys to him, and in return, I got my son back. It was during my recovery that I was introduced to The Kidney Foundation. 

My involvement started on a smaller scale, volunteering at events and providing pro-bono work for the Quebec branch. With time it grew, and I joined the branch’s board of directors and eventually became the Foundation’s national president. My passion for the mission of this organization is evident.

The Kidney Foundation is a marvelous advocate for kidney patients and living donors. My family was fortunate in that we could afford for me to take time off work for tests and recovery. But many people are not in that situation. So that is something we are trying to change, both by raising funds and by advocating with the government.

Determined to continue my contribution to help people affected by kidney disease, I have chosen to leave a legacy gift to The Kidney Foundation in my will. I want to fight for this cause as long as I’m alive — and now my fight will continue after I’m gone, too.

I have an incredible life – I have a wonderful husband, two fantastic children and two adorable grandchildren. I have had an amazing career doing what I love. Leaving a gift in my will is my way of giving back—of saying thank you for the life I’ve been given.