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Jacob’s story

Mom prays every day as her dad had to do dialysis and doesn't want it for me.

At just 4 months old I started to get sick a lot. Mom and Dad constantly brought me to the doctor. It was not fun. When I was 18 months old I started eating regular food and started to feel better. However, something still was not right. I had constant thirst, breathing issues, mood swings, bloating and problems focusing. I would sweat or run to the bathroom all the time. It took my medical team seven years to discover what was happening to me.

At only 8 years old, my hands and brain were swollen. Medical tests showed that I did not have enough salt in my body; my body puts out more salt than it gets in. After even more tests, I learned that I have a kidney disease.? I take medication to prevent damage to my heart. I am also on salt retainer to keep salt in my body and to protect my kidneys. I also have to eat a spoonful of salt everyday to help balance my salt levels. So while most people are watching the salt on their food, I add it on! Not a good thing if you do it daily.

As a teen in high school things have gotten easier to live with because everyone goes their own way. I have been diagnosed with McCune Albright syndrome since and fortunately hasn't affected anything with Kidneys.

There is hope! My doctors think there is a chance that in time, my function will improve and salt level will balance out. Mom prays every day as her dad had to do dialysis and doesn't want it for me. While I wait to see how my kidney function improves, I continue to give back to the Kidney Foundation who has made it possible for me to attend “Camp Lotsa-Wata” for kids with kidney disease and continues to advocate for me and others in the fight against kidney disease.