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Larry's Story

" I realize now that life is so fragile."
I believe the world is like a hospital and everyone is looking for some help. We are all part of the same community, and in a community, you share and reach out to help other people. This is what we do at our peer support meetings. As a facilitator, I listen closely to what others are going through, and I share how I am feeling. I think reaching out can make a big difference and help others feel more encouraged.  

I learned my kidneys were failing about seven years ago. I didn’t have any major symptoms so the diagnosis came as a shock. One Friday I got a phone call from my doctor and after that, everything changed. 

I started on hemodialysis in July 2015 and stayed on it for about six months. It didn’t work out that well for me. Then, I started peritoneal dialysis. I liked being on PD because I was able to work and to travel. What happened is that my PD hours started to increase and at one point I needed to be attached to the cycler for more than 12 hours a day. It became clear I needed an alternative, and doctors suggested a kidney transplant.  

My wife Francine volunteered to be a donor right away, and it turned out she was a match.  I was hesitant. I was concerned about how the surgery might affect her health. We prayed about it, and a peace came over me. We went ahead with the surgery, and the transplant was a success right from the beginning. There was a period of recovery but within four months we were out playing golf again. 

I used to take life for granted and spend a lot of time backpacking and travelling. I realize now that life is so fragile. Without your kidneys you don’t have life. That is why now, I am focused on reaching out to help other kidney patients.