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Jul 3, 2023

Introducing KidneyLink: Connecting Canadians to Kidney Research

Research holds the key to better treatments, health, and quality of life.

Whether you are a patient, care partner, donor, or family member, you can make valuable contributions to research. Your skills and experience will help researchers understand what is most important to those with lived experience and develop better studies.

That’s why The Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Can-SOLVE CKD Network have partnered to create KidneyLink, a national platform where you can learn about and connect to kidney research taking place across Canada.

“The Kidney Foundation of Canada is excited to partner with Can-Solve CKD on Kidney Link,” said Leanne Stalker, National Director of Research for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Including lived experience expertise in research projects from the start ensures a strong connection to outcomes which are most important to those directly impacted by kidney disease.”

KidneyLink is your connection to kidney research teams across Canada looking to work with people like you. From a user-friendly portal, you can search for opportunities to get involved, learn about new research findings, and access research training and resources.

What KidneyLink offers patients:

  • Share your experience for the benefit of others. You are working today to plant the seeds that will grow into better cures and treatments tomorrow.
  • Find studies that match your schedule and interests. There are opportunities for all levels of time commitment and involvement.
  • Learn about newly-published research that is relevant to you and your loved ones.
  • Access training resources and learn how to work effectively with researchers.
  • Connect to trusted kidney health resources from our partners.

When patients are involved in research, the result is better studies shaped by real-life experience and focus on what matters most. Aligning research goals with patient priorities produces information that can meaningfully improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney disease.

“All patient partners, regardless of their experience, have something to offer the research process,” says Dr. Clara Bohm, a nephrologist and researcher at the University of Manitoba.

Visit and learn how you can get involved today!

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