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Your generosity warms the heart of our kidney community 

The kidneys are a part of the body that no one really notices, or even thinks about — until they stop working.  

Patients can be taken off guard, because one day they are doing about their daily life, and the next they are hooked up to a machine or on a transplant list.  

Knowledge is power for these patients and their families too — which is why the education and peer support offered by The Kidney Foundation is so incredibly important to their well-being. That’s the kind of work made possible by your generous support.  

Your gift to The Kidney Foundation empowers researchers, educators, advocates, and peer supporters, all leading the fight against kidney disease in this country. But you’re also doing more.  

You’re reaching out a hand to someone in the very darkest moments of their life. You’re letting them know they’re not alone. Consider a gift today — because it makes all the difference in the world. 

Donate today to spread the warmth to everyone affected by kidney disease.