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Effective October 28, 2022

The Kidney Foundation of Canada considers the health and safety of its staff and volunteers, the community, and its stakeholders to be of the utmost importance.

People living with kidney disease are more vulnerable to COVID-19[1].  People who are immunocompromised, such as dialysis or transplant patients, should continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing measures, and wash their hands well and frequently, even if they have been vaccinated.  Even a full course of vaccination may not result in complete protection, and extra precautions should still be taken.

Within the context of COVID-19, we strive to ensure health and safety within the workplace by strongly encouraging a “vaccinated” environment and by taking all reasonable and necessary health and safety measures.Vaccination against COVID-19 is an important tool to help reduce serious illness.

In the continued fight against COVID-19, Health Canada has authorized certain vaccines (and their associated boosters) which have been shown to help the body protect itself from becoming seriously ill as a result of COVID-19.  ** An important part of ongoing immunization against COVID-19 are booster doses, which are strongly recommended by Health Canada.[2] **

The Foundation strongly recommends that all staff and volunteers are vaccinated against COVID-19; this includes the primary series of vaccinations as well as any recommended boosters.

Additionally, the Foundation recommends that participants (i.e., members of the general public – volunteers, patients, community members) who attend Foundation hosted live meetings / events / gatherings are vaccinated (both primary series and recommended boosters).