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Note: This policy is also referred to as Schedule A in our event registration waivers.

The Foundation requires that all staff and volunteers, our “people resources”, who physically attend or meet for work-related purposes must be “fully vaccinated” by December 31, 2021 against COVID-19.

Additionally, the Foundation requires that participants (i.e. members of the general public – volunteers, patients, community members) who attend Foundation hosted live meetings / events / gatherings are fully vaccinated.

Limited exemptions to the above are noted below.

The Foundation considers someone to be “fully vaccinated” fourteen (14) days (or such other time as set out by public health authorities) after receiving two (2) doses of the approved Health Canada two (2) dose vaccines (e.g. Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca) or one (1) dose of the Health Canada approved single dose vaccine (Janssen/ Johnson & Johnson) along with any ‘boosters’ or additional dosage required by public health authorities.

Those who are not fully vaccinated, as outlined within the scope of this Policy, will generally not be permitted to physically meet for work-related purposes or Foundation business or to interact in person with the Foundation’s patients / staff / volunteers / clients / stakeholders either in the physical workplace or at live events, meetings, gatherings, or other functions.


The Foundation will consider exemptions from the requirement to be fully vaccinated for those whose medical condition or disability prevent them from becoming fully vaccinated or in respect of any protected ground under applicable human rights legislation.

An individual seeking an exemption from this Policy must co-operate in good faith with the Foundation and substantiate the exemption and provide all necessary documentation.

If an exemption is deemed appropriate, the Foundation may provide individualized accommodation. This may include, without limitation, enhanced masking and personal protective equipment, remote work/participation, alternative working hours, virtual participation (ex. meetings), limitations in work/volunteering location and interactions or participation, modification of duties, unpaid leaves of absence.

Any other exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis. As an example, unvaccinated individuals who must attend the physical office for essential work and who are not vaccinated may be required to attend the office when no on else is in attendance (this may require attendance after the normal office hours).

No accommodations will be provided if undue hardship to the Foundation arises from such accommodation.

Proof of Vaccination, Confidentiality and Record Keeping

All staff, volunteers and members of the general public will be asked to provide proof of vaccination. The form of proof will depend on the Province of residence but the Foundation reserves the right to seek appropriate confirmation / identification as necessary.

Further, all staff and volunteers (i.e. “people resources”) are required to confirm their current vaccination status to their Branch Executive Director or, in the case of the National Office to the National Director of Human Resources, by no later than November 10, 2021.

When Branches and the National Office officially confirm that physical offices will re-open to all employees and/or volunteers, it will be the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they have sufficient time to be fully vaccinated (if they have not already been vaccinated). Any expanded re-opening of physical offices will be communicated in advance.

The Foundation will maintain a secure list of all staff/volunteers (i.e. “people resources”) who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated.

Branch Executive Directors, the National Executive Director and the National Director of Human Resources, whose job functions requires them on a need to know basis will have access to this information. The Foundation shall at all times maintain this information in strict confidence except where limited disclosure is necessary for health and safety reasons, to facilitate providing reasonable accommodation to a staff member/volunteer up to the point of undue hardship, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. The Foundation shall not use such personal health information for any improper or unlawful purposes.

The Foundation recognizes that it will be collecting sensitive personal health information from staff/volunteers (i.e. “people resources”). The Foundation will comply with its privacy policy and applicable privacy laws concerning the collection, use, storage, disclosure and disposal of personal information, including personal health information, and will use appropriate technological, physical and organizational measures to safeguard such information. Any personal health information collected through this Policy will be kept on a time-limited basis (or as otherwise mandated by law) and shall be securely disposed of by the Foundation when the pandemic is declared over by public health officials or when the Foundation determines, acting reasonably, that the retention of such information is no longer a necessary, effective or proportionate response to address its public health, employment or safety requirements.

Members of the general public who attend live events (including volunteers, patients, community members etc..) will be required to provide proof of vaccination. The Foundation will only verify this proof for the purposes of the event and will not keep records of vaccination status from these events unless otherwise required by law.

Consequences of Policy Violation

Any violation of this Policy by staff members may be grounds for disciplinary action as appropriate up to and including termination. In each case, the Foundation will review the individual circumstances and determine the appropriate corrective action or disciplinary action to be taken.

Volunteers who violate this Policy will be removed from their duties if appropriate alternate arrangements cannot be made.

Event participants who do not show proof of vaccination will not be allowed entrance to said event subject to potential exemptions as noted above.

Applicable Law

Nothing in this Policy is meant to detract from applicable laws. Accordingly, this Policy will be applied in a manner consistent with such applicable laws, including occupational health and safety, privacy and human rights legislation. Further this Policy will be applied in accordance with public health directions. Accordingly, this Policy may be subject to change in which case notice will be provided to those affected.


Any questions regarding this Policy may be directed to