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The Kidney Foundation is a key participant in the national Organ Donation & Transplant Collaborative (ODTC). Formed following the Minister of Health’s Mandate Letter of October 2017 the ODTC has a mandate to “facilitate collaboration on an organ and tissues donation and transplantation system that gives Canadians timely and effective access to care”.

Prior to its engagement in ODTC, the Kidney Foundation was also invited to appear before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health (HESA) in view of the study on the role of the federal government in improving access to organ donation. National Executive Director Elizabeth Myles was joined by a volunteer who has a family member with kidney failure on dialysis. Listen to the hearing or read the full transcript.

We have intensified efforts to mobilize patients and families to be a leading voice in advocating for equitable access to transplants for all Canadians, for system improvements, and for greater accountability to ensure that no opportunities for deceased organ donations are missed.