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2023 Awardees

(Bios, lay abstracts and photos will be available soon.)

KRESCENT New Investigator Award

Tyrone Harrison

The University of Calgary, AB
2023 - 2026:  $210,000
Infrastructure:  $25,000
Project Title:  Improving perioperative risk prediction for people with kidney disease
Category:  Chronic Kidney Disease
In partnership with Can-SOLVE CKD

Ping Liu

The University of Calgary, AB
2023 - 2026:  $195,000
Infrastructure:  $25,000
Project Title:  Promoting shared decision-making for people with advanced CKD
Category:  Chronic Kidney Disease

Thomas Mavrakanas

The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, QC
2023 - 2026:  Curriculum only
Infrastructure:  $25,000
Project Title:  Novel therapeutic strategies in cardiorenal medicine
Category:  Chronic Kidney Disease

KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Kyle Medak

Supervisor(s):  Daniel Drucker
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, ON
2023 - 2026:  $165,000 (additional external support)
Project Title:  Role of the vascular smooth muscle GLP-1 receptor in renoprotection
Category:  Diabetes

Christie Rampersad

Supervisor(s):  Joseph Kim
University Health Network, ON
2023 - 2026:  $195,000
Project Title:  Better Decisions for Better Outcomes from Deceased Donor Kidneys
Category:  Transplantation

KRESCENT Allied Health Kidney Doctoral Award

Reetinder Kaur

Supervisor(s):  Jagbir Gill, Fuchsia Howard
University of British Columbia, BC
2023 - 2026:  $105,000
Project Title:  Factors influencing a woman’s decision to become a living kidney donor: How to mitigate potential coercion
Category:  Organ Donation

Victoria Riehl-Tonn

Supervisor(s):  Sofia Ahmed
The University of Calgary, Alberta
2023 - 2026:  $105,000
Project Title:  Sex and Gender Considerations in Patient Outcomes in Individuals Living with Chronic Kidney Disease
Category:  Chronic Kidney Disease

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