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Karen Hornby, PhD Candidate

Supervisors: Dr. Ivan Pless and Dr. Sam Shemie
Award: KRESCENT Allied Health Doctoral Scholarship
Institution: McGill University
Year: 2008-2011

Karen Hornby will complete her doctoral degree in epidemiology at McGill University in Montreal. Ms. Hornby will study Canadian transplant tourism with Dr. Ivan Pless and Dr. Sam Shemie at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The demand for transplantable kidneys far exceeds the supply in Canada and internationally, thereby pushing individuals to go abroad to purchase a lifesaving kidney transplant. Her research will compare outcomes of people who get kidney transplants abroad with those who have their transplants in Canada and those who remain on waiting lists. Results of the study will provide much needed public health information to inform discussions and policy decisions pertaining to potential solutions to the kidney transplantation shortage.