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Mission and Vision

Mission: To encourage and support early career kidney research scientists and trainees in multiple disciplines, who will reinvent the future of kidney health research in Canada. We will do so by facilitating collaboration between and across disciplines, fostering the next generation of leaders, and by honouring both equity, and diversity. 
  1. People: It is from and through people that hypotheses are generated, tested and refuted or upheld.  At the core of our values is the respect for others including the diversity of Canadians and our Indigenous peoples.
  1. Integrity: Conclusions drawn from scientific research inform clinical decision-making, public policy and individual life choices. It is therefore paramount that the methodology employed, means of collecting data and dissemination of data occurs with the highest integrity. This includes ensuring all work performed, including negative studies is deposited in the scientific literature.
  1. Collaboration: We appreciate that we all have something to contribute to research into kidney health and disease. We all appreciate that we are not experts in all areas of kidney health and disease. We therefore acknowledge and embrace the opportunity to collaborate with other experts in and across our field of research.
  1.  Community: Kidney science does not occur in a vacuum. Central to this are the societies and organizations, which raise funds for and communicate the knowledge generated by ourselves the researchers. For this community to function optimally everyone must contribute their part. This includes a commitment to quality peer review (both grants and papers), the dissemination of information to scientific, lay and clinical audiences and the participation of members in meetings of the societies.
  1. Excellence: We are committed to life-long learning and innovation. Our work aims to contribute the highest quality experiments thereby promoting kidney health through excellence in research.