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Fabrice Mac-Way, MD

Award: Fonds de Recherche du Quebec Santé (FRQS) - KRESCENT Joint New Investigator Award
Institution: CHU de Québec Research Center, Hôtel-Dieu de Québec Hospital
Year: 2015-2018

Dr. Fabrice Mac-Way is a nephrologist and clinician scientist at Centre de Recherche du CHU de Québec. He is also an Assistant Professor in Laval University’s Division of Nephrology. Dr. Mac-Way completed his post-doctoral training in bone biology at Université de Lyon, St-Etienne, where he developed an expertise in the assessment of bone microarchitecture, mineralisation and remodelling (bone histomorphometry analysis) in the context of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Bone and mineral disorders affect every patient with CKD and are characterized by anomalies of bone morphology and vessel structure. These anomalies then lead to increased morbidity and mortality through bone fractures and enhanced vascular pathology. Recent studies suggest that anomalies in osteocytes (the most abundant bone cells) may contribute to the development of bone remodelling and vascular defects through sclerostin secretion in CKD populations. The objective of Dr. Mac-Way’s research is to determine how osteocyte dysfunction leads to bone disorders in CKD through translational research from animal models to humans. Understanding this pathway could lead to new therapies to prevent the development of bone and vessels anomalies in the chronic kidney disease population.