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Joseph Ly, MD

Supervisor: Dr. S. Quaggin
Award: KRESCENT Fellowship
Institution: University of Toronto
Year: 2007-2010

Dr. Joseph Ly obtained his M.D. from the University of Toronto, where he also completed a nephrology fellowship with Dr. K. Kamel. He will complete a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. S. Quaggin of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute in Toronto, where he will study cystic kidney disease, a major genetic cause of kidney failure. His research will define the pathology and protein expression of a newly identified mutant called “sweet pee” that results in dramatic cystic changes in the kidneys (including the glomerulus) and glucosuria (sugar in the urine) on urinalysis. Characterizing the gene involved is expected to further medical understanding of cystic kidney diseases and may lead to potential therapeutic interventions.