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Dr. Sacha De Serres, M.D.

Supervisor: Dr. Nader Najafian
Award: KRESCENT Fellowship
Institution: Harvard Medical School
Year: 2009-2012

Sacha De Serres is a nephrologist from Université Laval. He has started his post-doctoral fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard University, where as a fellow in the immunology of transplantation in Dr. Nader Najafian’s laboratory he will attempt to identify biomarkers of chronic and acute kidney rejection in cohorts of renal transplant recipients. It is expected his findings will contribute to the development of new, non-invasive tools that will prove valuable in the adjustment of immunosuppressive drugs. The objective is to make these tools useful in the delivery of antirejection therapy, not only for renal transplant recipients but for other organ recipients as well. Upon completion of his training Dr. De Serres intends to return to Université Laval in order to pursue his career as an independent clinician scientist.