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Carole Campion, PhD

Supervisor: Dr. Johanne Tremblay
Award: KRESCENT Fellowship
Institution: Centre de Recherche du CHUM
Year: 2015-2018

Dr. Carole G. Campion will pursue her post-doctoral fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Johanne Tremblay at the CRCHUM-Research Center, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. Dr. Campion wishes to identify new therapeutic strategies for improving tissue repair after renal injury.

The pathophysiology of kidney damage is complex and is further complicated by the fact that renal aggravation often exists in the context of multiple organ failure. Due to a lack of understanding of signaling culprits involved in the pathogenesis of nephropathy, no promising therapies are currently available for the management of patients’ treatment. Dr. Campion’s research focuses on a new candidate therapeutic protein, HCaRG/COMMD5 (Hypertension-related, Calcium-Regulated Gene). This protein has the potential to accelerate the recovery of renal tissue integrity and corresponding physiological functions, characterized by a reduction in the expression of pro-inflammatory genes after renal insult. Dr. Campion will try to identify potential partners of HCaRG at the molecular level as crucial mediators of kidney repair after injury. A better understanding of these signaling pathways is essential for developing new therapeutic strategies to prevent, repair or delay kidney disease.