Kidney Car FAQ

Where is the Kidney Car Program available? 
Across BC. For information call 1-800-585-4479

Who do I call to donate my vehicle?  
To speak to a local Kidney Car Agent about donating your vehicle, call 604-408-2277 or 1-800-585-4479.

If I donate my car to the Kidney Car Program, do I have to pay for the towing?  
NO. Kidney Car donors receive towing free of charge.

Does my car have to have all four tires to be towed?  
NO. Our tow trucks can pick up a vehicle with only two tires provided they are fully inflated and both on the same end.

Do I have to be home when my vehicle is picked up?  
YES. You need to be home so you can sign the Donation Agreement and ICBC transfer form provided by the tow truck driver.

Do I get a tax receipt?  
YES. An official tax receipt will be mailed to you. In the interim, your copy of the Donation Agreement is your acknowledgement of your gift. The majority of donated vehicles are sold for the value of their scrap metal. Accordingly, donation receipts are based on the current price of steel. Because world wide commodity prices fluctuate, please check with your local Kidney Car Agent for the latest donation receipt value.
Occasionally, a vehicle has sufficient value for it to be refurbished and re-sold through an auction sale. Please check with the local Kidney Car Agent for practices on the valuation of these vehicles if sold at auction.

When can I expect to receive my official tax receipt?  
Your official tax receipt will arrive by mail approximately 6-8 weeks after your donation.

My truck is missing the engine, two doors and the hood. Will you still accept it?
NO. We only accept ‘complete’ vehicles defined as vehicles with no major parts missing.

Can I donate a vehicle if I’m not the registered owner?  
NO. The registered owner or their legal executor or proxy holder are the only people who can donate a vehicle.

I lost my registration papers. Can I donate my car without them?  
NO. The registration is the legal proof of ownership and we require that it be turned over with the vehicle when it is donated. Duplicate copies can be obtained from ICBC for a small fee.

If my vehicle is being recycled, why do I have to sign a transfer form and hand over my registration?
This documentation is required to transfer the legal ownership and liability of your vehicle to The Kidney Foundation, so your vehicle can be de-registered with ICBC.

Should I cancel the insurance on my van before you pick it up?
DEPENDS. A vehicle does not need to be insured to be towed. However,if your vehicle is parked on public property, you will need to maintain your insurance until your vehicle is picked up. It is important to retrieve your license plates and certificate of insurance at the time of pick up as ICBC holds you responsible for them.

Now that I’ve decided to donate my vehicle, what should I do?  
Call the Kidney Car Line at 1-800-585-4479 and a local Kidney Car Agent will arrange to have your vehicle picked up.

What happens next?
1. The tow truck driver will arrive at your house at an agreed upon date and time.
2. The tow truck driver will ask you to sign a Donation Agreement and ICBC transfer
3. Your car will be towed free of charge.
4. The tow truck driver will provide you with an acknowledgement of your donation (copy of Donation Agreement). 
5. Your official tax receipt will arrive by mail 6-8 weeks after the donation..



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